Tile/Grout Cleaning

Tile floors are a practical choice for just about any space. They are available in a variety of colors and style, long-lasting, and inhospitable to bacteria, dust mites, and mold. However, without proper cleaning, grout, and tile floors may lose their shine and luster, collect dirt and grime, making space look messy and unclean.

At DirtBusters, we help you revive your grout, tile floors, and other hard surfaces to a like-new condition with our tile and grout cleaning services. Utilizing our proprietary cleaning tools and techniques, we remove all the dirt, grease, and bacteria, restoring a clean fresh look.

Why Is Professional Tile and Grout Cleaning So Important?

Grout and tile floors are considered a low-maintenance flooring option, but they require regular cleaning in order to maintain a spotless shiny look. Since regular mopping only removes the dirt present on the surface and not the particles that have embedded deep into the porous structure of grout and tile floors, over time, the floor loses its luster and starts to appear dull and clean.

Professional tile cleaning utilizes specialized equipment and cleaning products that remove soil and dirt hidden deep within grout and tiles, thereby restoring its clean, pristine look. Apart from a more thorough clean, professional grout cleaning offers the following benefits as well:

  • It improves the indoor air quality by removing all the dirt and germs hidden deep within the porous structure of tiles.
  • It gives your home or office a more professional clean look by restoring the luster of the floor.
  • It reduces the risk of slips and falls by reducing the friction coefficient of the floor.
  • It helps you avoid the cost and hassle of completely replacing the floor tiles.

Our Grout and Tile Cleaning Process

At DirtBusters in Arizona, we adopt a thorough approach towards grout and tile cleaning. When you opt for our grout cleaning services, our experts visit your home or office to inspect the floor and determine the best cleaning techniques. Next, we use our state-of-the-art high-pressure vacuum and steam cleaners to extract dirt, bacteria, and other contracts from the pores of your floor tiles and grout.

Once we have cleaned the floor thorough, we apply a sealant to create a protective layer against spills that main leave a permanent stain on the floor. Sealing floor tiles and grout also delays the accumulation of dust and dirt, thereby saving you the money and time you would have otherwise spent on frequent cleaning.

At DirtBusters, we specialize in the cleaning of the following types of tiles:

  • Ceramic
  • Porcelain
  • Travertine

Want to ensure the lasting beauty of your tile floor? Opt for our grout and tile cleaning services in Arizona. Call us at (623) 404-4444 to get a free quote or to schedule an appointment.